DISQ, train anywhere and anytime

Get fit in just 10 minutes a day

The DISQ® is a high-quality mobile fitness device developed by top athletes with the need to train more effectively. You wear a hip belt with resistance devices (DISQs) on both sides, the cord that comes out of this goes through the ankle straps and adds resistance to every movement you make. This makes every move more effective. The resistance can be set quickly and easily, so that you can train at your own level.

What is DISQ®?

The DISQ® was conceived and developed by top athletes based on the need to train smarter. DISQ® is not just a fitness device, it is a complete and portable gym. Because you can easily set the resistance of the DISQ®, everyone can exercise at his or her level.

DISQ® proves its added value every day, both in top sport and in amateur sport. Exercising with DISQ® is the best way to achieve your goals and actually retain the results.

DISQ® is stubborn

That’s why we do things differently than others. For example, we send you a new work-out every day, we regularly organize online live work outs. You can meet us throughout the country when we record videos.

Our videos are recorded in the most beautiful, nicest and craziest locations and our trainers ensure that the work outs are not only effective, but also fun. Humor and a chat are simply part of it.